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Real Estate Consulting

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Navigating the real estate environment can be tricky at best - we have over 25 years of experience providing expert advice for both commercial and residential customers.  At Francis & Co., we're dedicated to ensuring you've got the best counsel for any task at hand - we've got your back.

Commercial Real Estate Consulting

Francis & Company prides itself in offering choices to its clients such as Real Estate Consulting. In many cases, the client is not sure if they are ready to Buy or Sell a Commercial Property with a Realtor. That’s where we excel. We offer the client the opportunity to discuss their objectives, that allows Francis & Company to research the market conditions to provide a thorough analysis of the property and offer quality transparent choices.

Ultimately, we listen and guide the client to a decision that makes the most sense for their individual situation. Give us a call today!! We can discuss and guide you to the right outcome.

Call for our Individual fees for the various services outlined below.

Reasons you hire a Real Estate Consultant:

  • Determine the value of a residential property (not sure if I want to sell)

  • I inherited a property and want to learn about the market and property values

  • I have a property and need to get educated on lease rates for that area

  • I'm considering selling my property as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

  • Have a contract drafted or reviewed

  • Heave a lease agreement drafted or reviewed

  • Out of state owners of absentee landlords

  • My property is in poor condition, what are my options

Whatever your situation might be, Francis & Company is here to offer our real estate consulting expertise.   Call today for more information.